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Richard Earl Merchant was a compulsive reader, and a seeker of knowledge, a seeker of stories, a seeker of education. One way to honor my father is to support your library.

My library, Prescott Memorial Library at Louisiana Tech, has not had a book budget is almost 10 years (what monies they have go to periodicals, mostly the expensive online databases). What books they get are through small grants and donations by professors and instructors as well as by the public. I purchase books to help my students research for their papers and donate them in my father's name.

If you are interested in the same, here are the Amazon wish lists for Prescott Memorial Library. Put Richard Earl Merchant for the honoree's name. Any purchases for the library through their wishlists are tax-exempt gifts and you will receive a letter as proof (for preparing your tax return).

Mars Crater 

Today I named a Martian crater after my father - a fun thing to do, even if it will never be taken seriously by space agencies: < >.

Uwingu's Mars Map is the Official Map of the Mars One Mars Mission.

Uwingu’s mission is to create new ways for people to personally connect with space exploration and astronomy, and fully half of all their revenues go to Uwingu Fund grants to space research, education, and exploration. My father believed in exploring, physical and mentally, the world - even the universe - we find ourselves in and so I thought this was another way to honor his memory.

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Motivational quote which Mr. Richard E. Merchant embodied in word & deed:

"To Laugh Often and Much; To Win the Respect of Intelligent People and the Affection of Children; To Earn the Appreciation of Honest Critics and Endure the Betrayal of False Friends; To Appreciate Beauty, to Find the Best in Others; To Leave the World a Bit Better, Whether by a Healthy Child, a Garden Patch, or a Redeemed Social Condition; To Know Even One Life has Breathed Easier Because You Lived, This to To Have Succeeded"
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson