Dad & Son

One of my earliest memories of Dad is June, 1964. Fort Dix, I believe. I was "helping" Dad make a fence for the Garden during our short stay stateside (between the two Germany tours of duty). I wanted to help and so he gave me a hammer and two planks of wood and I made part of the fence.

 Germany, 1960 or 1961. father and son.

3 generations: Dad, Grandpa Merchant, and me outside Aunt Elaine's shop in Tennessee. Summer 1985.

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Motivational quote which Mr. Richard E. Merchant embodied in word & deed:

"To Laugh Often and Much; To Win the Respect of Intelligent People and the Affection of Children; To Earn the Appreciation of Honest Critics and Endure the Betrayal of False Friends; To Appreciate Beauty, to Find the Best in Others; To Leave the World a Bit Better, Whether by a Healthy Child, a Garden Patch, or a Redeemed Social Condition; To Know Even One Life has Breathed Easier Because You Lived, This to To Have Succeeded"
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson